Kaizen Institute AME

In October 2016, Kaizen Institute North America and Kaizen Institute Online were represented with booths at the annual conference of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) in Dallas, Texas.

Read more

Masaaki Imai Mexico Peru

In October, 2016, Masaaki Imai visited Kaizen Institute Mexico and Kaizen Institute Peru. During his visit, he held various lectures on KAIZEN™ methodologies and had multiple Gemba walks as well as interviews with the national press. Read the highlights


Kaizen Institute is assisting NASA Ames Research Center in California to aid them in improving their approach about creating and delivering Partnerships. Read more

XIII International GEMBAKAIZEN™ Congress

The 13th GEMBAKAIZEN™ Congress took place from October 23-25 in Wroclaw, Poland with over 200 participants. The main speech was held by Jayanth Murthy, Director of Kaizen Institute India and Africa, which turned out to be a great inspiration for the participants. >>Read more

American Airlines

Mike Micklewright, Managing Director, Kaizen Institute United States, speaks about "How management can lead workers on a long-term KAIZEN™ journey“. Millions of American Airlines passengers will be able to watch the video during their flight in December and January. >>watch the video

Kaizen Italy

On the 8th of November, Kaizen Institute Italy organised their annual event “Improve & Grow” in Verona/Italy with special guest Masaaki Imai, founder of Kaizen Insitute. Over 300 entrepreneurs from all over Italy participated, interacting with Masaaki Imai and the other speakers of the event. Read more >>

Kaizen Tour

Julien Bratu speaks about the differences between the business environment in Japan and in Romania. The interview was published in the special edition “Japan” distributed by “Ziarul Financiar”, Romania.  Read more >>

Kaizen Institute Office

Our client Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts in Lake Buena Vista, Florida has successfully conducted a KAIZEN™ 5S Training Implementation, led by two Kaizen Institute Senior Consultants. Read more about this project>>

Interviews with Kaizen Institute Leadership

During the 2016 Annual Awards Event in Calgary, Canada, various Kaizen Institute Managing Directors were interviewed about a broad range of current KAIZEN™ topics. Please find the first interview video with short statements of 18 Managing Directors about different KAIZEN™ related topics on our YouTube channel >> watch more

9 September 2016

Kaizen Institute Online

We are excited to announce our just launched Business Unit, Kaizen Institute Online, an online training unit with flexible and comprehensive video content focused on topics such as continuous improvement, 5S, gemba walking, mistake-proofing, and more. >> read more


Kaizen Awards Portugal

On April 13, 2016 Kaizen Institute Portugal held their annual KAIZEN™ Awards 2015 ceremony at the Orient Museum in Lisbon, which was attended by 350 participants. >> read more


Bu Leaders Interviews

During last year’s Annual Awards Event in Bad Homburg, Germany, various Kaizen Institute Managing Directors were interviewed about a broad range of current KAIZEN™ topics. Please find the interview videos on our YouTube channel at >> watch more


Qatar Inauguration Event

On March 20th, 2016 Kaizen Institute Qatar has been inaugurated with an event of celebration at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Doha, Qatar >> read more

Kaizen Congress Italy

On Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 the KAIZEN™ 2.0 - IMPROVEMENT WITHOUT BORDERS Congress was held at the Fondazione Golinelli in Bologna, Italy. >> read more

12th International Poland Congress

On November 24 – 25, 2015 Kaizen Institute Poland organized the 12th International GEMBAKAIZEN™ Congress. >> read more


KAIZEN™ Awards Event – second edition, Romania

Kaizen Institute Romania celebrated a new edition of ”KAIZEN™ Awards - second edition” in Bucharest, Romania on November 20th, 2015 >> read more

10th KAIZEN™ Congress, Czech Republic

Kaizen Institute Czech Republic hosted its 10th KAIZEN™ Congress in Slaný, Czech Republic on November 10-11, 2015 >> read more


Interview by Interoll with Masaaki Imai

Masaaki Imai terrace

Masaaki Imai is a KAIZEN™ pioneer and the founder of Kaizen Institute. He explains to "moving thoughts" what’s behind the Japanese method of business management – and says that It is top management’s task to show its leadership through the integration of KAIZEN™ >> read more

8 February 2016

2016 Training Schedule

KAIZEN™ Global College

We are excited to announce our Global Training Schedule for 2016. All courses will be conducted in English and take place at our premier training facilities in Bad Homburg, a lovely suburb of Frankfurt, Germany. Read more about our 2016 Training Schedule>>

8 January 2016

16 – 17 February 2016 in Pune, India

Indizen 2016

IndiZen has become one of India’s most important annual gatherings of professionals and experts in the Operational Excellence/ Lean/KAIZEN™ domain. The objective of this event is to give you an opportunity to Learn, Share, Celebrate and Network with likeminded people. Read more about the IndiZen 2016>>

21 December 2015

Kaizen Kongress K2

Kaizen Institute Consulting Group, Ltd. organized its first KAIZEN™ Kongress K2, which was held in Bad Homburg, Germany, November 6, 2015. With internal and external participants from all over the world, the KAIZEN™ Kongress K2 was a great success. Read more about the KAIZEN™ Kongress K2 >>


Kaizen China and Malaysia

We are proud to announce our renewed Kaizen Institute Leadership Teams in China and Malaysia. Kaizen Institute China in based in Shanghai and Kaizen Institute in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. Both provide a full range of services and seminars to all public, private and foreign corporations in KAIZEN™ and transformation initiatives. Read more>>

20 November 2015

Kaizen Office detail

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year. In 1985, Kaizen Institute was founded by Masaaki Imai, pioneering the original KAIZEN™ consulting firm, specialized in continuous improvement and achieving enterprise wide business excellence. Today, we are a global consultancy active in all sectors. Since our humble beginnings, we have come a long way in making great strides and significant contributions to our world through KAIZEN™. Read more >>


Kaizen Institute Consulting Group-North American

It is with great pleasure that we announce, effective today, Sphere Project Management Group (SPMG) and Kaizen Institute Canada are combining forces and will start operating as one. With this, a new leadership group will direct Kaizen Institute’s operations, within both countries of Canada and the USA, as well as the project management services that have been up to now provided under the SPMG offering in Canada only. Read more>>


Ki Manager Club

Kaizen Institute Romania held a new edition of KAIZEN™ Manager Club on June 11 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where representatives from the national and international business community participated, unified and motivated by the principle objective of development via cooperation and dialogue through KAIZEN™. Read more about the KAIZEN™ Manager Club 2015>>


A superb quality and high demand tour for unmatched learning experiences!

Tour 2

Japan, December 6 - 12, 2015

This special tour will include hospitals, manufacturing, as well as service company visits. Various lectures, training sessions and interactive discussions with healthcare specialists and consultants will enhance your learning experiences and practical implementation of lean healthcare methodologies and tools. The KAIZEN™ Insight Healthcare Tour will be supported by the internationally-recognized leader in Lean Healthcare, Mark Graban. For further information and registration please visit our Tour page>>


Insight Tours

In April the Aditya Birla Group, a diversified Indian group nominated thirteen of its senior leadership team members to attend a customized five day KAIZEN™ Insight Tour to Japan. Read more

20 April 2015

Indizen 2015

The IndiZEN event recognizes and awards top Operational Excellence efforts in India; It gives an opportunity to Learn, Network and Share the work done by organizations in terms of implementation of KAIZEN™/ Lean/ Operational Excellence. Read more about the IndiZen 2015>>



Kaizen Institute has recently launched new Management training seminars, e.g. KAIZEN™ Foundations, KAIZEN™ Leadership and TSM Advanced. Visit the international training seminars in Bad Homburg, Germany. For further information please click here>>


Quality Digest team Interview Kaizen

On February 27th 2015, Chris Leonard, Director of Client Services was asked to meet the Quality Digest team and appear on Quality Digest Live in Vancouver British Colombia, to give the Kaizen Institute prospective on various topics. To hear and view the interview please click in here.


Kaizen thirty years logo

It has been 30 years since Masaaki Imai wrote „Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success (McGraw Hill 1986)”, and the founding of Kaizen Institute. We believe that KAIZEN™ is one of the top economic innovations of the 20th century. Read more about our successful history>>


The week of November 17, Kaizen Institute led a very successful study tour across Japan, visiting organizations in the Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Tokyo areas. Eighteen physicians and healthcare executives from seven countries across four continents participated. Read the trip highlights>> as well as an interview with Christian Wolcott>>


Ministry of Commerce

From December 5 to 11, 2014, Masaaki Imai visited Kaizen Institute Saudi Arabia. During his visit, he conducted two seminars on KAIZEN™ Methodology in two different cities: Riyadh on December 7, 2014 and Dammam on December 9, 2014. Read the tour highlights>>


XI International GEMBAKAIZEN® Congress

Masaaki Imai in Kaizen Institute Poland Key note

This year’s GEMBAKAIZEN Congress took place on October 21-22 in Wroclaw, Poland. It was already the 11th Congress. Read the full story about the congress here.



KAIZEN® 2.0 – Reflections and new tools for continuous improvement and innovation

Masaaki Imai in Italy with Kaizen Institute

On Monday, October 27, the annual “KAIZEN® 2.0 – Reflections and new tools for continuous improvement and innovation” congress was held in the grand setting of the MUSE of Trento in Italy. Read the full story about the Kaizen Institute Italy congress here.


Kaizen Tours in Japan Newspaper

On November 19, a group of 23 people from around the world visited a hospital in Japan through a Kaizen Institute organized Healthcare Tour. Please read the full story here and for additional information and inquiries please contact us.



Masaaki Imai Germany Tour

Together with his wife and two Kaizen Institute consultants, Masaaki Imai visited the Hans Oetiker Production Plant in Endingen, Germany on October 17, 2014. Read the full story about Masaaki Imai’s visit here.


Masaaki Imai visits Switzerland

On Thursday 16th October 2014 Zehnder Group in Gränichen, Switzerland received a visit from one of the pioneers of modern business’ operational excellence, Masaaki Imai, founder of the Kaizen Institute. Read the full story about Massaki Imai visit here.


Kaizen Institute Benchmark Tour Japan 2014

The KAIZEN® Public Tour – Kyushu 2014 in Japan on October 19-25, 2014 was a great success. Fourteen participants representing different industries from all over the world joined the tour. Read this full success story and find more about the different host company visits at our blog site.



A trip to discover KAIZEN® at its source in JAPAN – En Français!

From March 1st to 7th.

Japan Tour in French Benchmarktour

This tour is offered in French Language and is a perfect combination of site visits, networking with other Lean minded professionals, and leanring of Japanese management, methodologies, tools and culture. You will visit Toyota, Honda and more, and profit from a lecture by a professor with 25 years of working at a TOYOTA Supplier.

For registration please check the French Tour registration page or if you would like to know more then take a look into the KAIZEN® French Tour brochure.


A superb quality and high demand tour for unmatched learning experiences!

Kaizen Japan Healtcare Tour Benchmark Tour

November 16th (starting in Nagoya) through 22nd 2014 (ending in Tokyo)

This special tour includes hospitals as well as manufacturing and service company visits. Multiple lectures, training sessions and interactive discussions with Healthcare Specialists and consultants will enhance your learning experiences and practical implementation of the methodologies and tools.

For further information and registration please visit the Healthcare Tour page


Masaaki Imai in Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Chile and Middle East.

Masaaki Imai future appearance



November 4th-5th:
Santiago, Chile; “1st International KAIZEN® Lean Summit – Chile 2014”

Middle East:

December 8th:
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, TBD


Don't miss - Seats are filling up! Next Public Tour not until 2015!

Public Kaizen Benchmark Tour

October 19th through 25th 2014 (Kyushu Region of Japan)

Learn from the originals. The visit to Toyota Kyushu and other Japanese first class companies will enhance your understanding of KAIZEN and Lean. The tour will offer a unique opportunity to witness the Japanese management practices through many company visits.

For further information and registration please visit our KAIZEN Tour page.


The partnership between Kaizen Institute India and Economic Times was a great success

Economic Times Kaizen

The event was hosted on the 25th July by Economic Times, which is the highest circulated business daily in India. Kaizen Institute- India, were the knowledge partners for the event. We designed the program and our consultants lead various sessions and anchored specific panel discussions.

Over 150+ CEOs and senior business leaders from top businesses were in attendance.

We are glad to be able to keep inspiring companies achieving continuous improvement through the kaizen philosophy.


Kaizen Institute India and Economic Times announce the Economic Times Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence Summit

The event is organized by Economic Times & Kaizen Institute will be acting as a knowledge partner for this event.

Indian economy is projected to become third largest in the coming decade and is seen as investment destination for various industries and sector including manufacturing, healthcare, jewellery and infrastructure. Needless to say, that while these sector continue outbound development, a crucial element of growth will be economies of scale and efficiency in the entire process chain. Given the scenario, the importance of operational excellence in pacing up nation's process cannot be undermined.

Economic Times Operational Excellence summit is an endeavor to bring various industry stakeholders together on single platform and discuss strategies and steps which will ensure today's dream turns into tomorrow's reality!

Fore more information take a look into the summit pdf


The Lean guru and Kaizen Institute Consulting Group founder will be giving a key note speech


The Lisim Conference will feature Masaaki Imai as one of the key note speaker where he will be sharing his experience with Kaizen and helping companies achieve continuous Improvement.

The conference takes place between 14 and 15 August and will allow participants to be part of discussions, networking and get to know the beautiful country of Colombia. 

Kaizen Institute Consulting Group Colombia hopes to see a full house and to exchange lean knowledge with all the participants.

Both Kaizen Institute Hungary and Spain improved their website with a fresh new design

kaizen website new

After Portugal it was time for Spain and Hungary to update their website with online event booking, success stories database and a rich glossary.

With the new website improvements visitors have a better user experience due to the simpler and leaner look.

Spain website also offers a rich newsletter section with the great client projects and continuous improvement examples.

Your KAIZEN® Tour Lead Consultant - Danie Vermeulen

Danie Vermeulen has improved numerous companies, in multiple sectors, successfully implemening and sustaining KAIZEN® within their operations. Your learning experience will be enhanced, by receiving expert advice and coaching along your journey-step by step.

During October's Japan Benchmark tour Danie will guide participants through a learning journey based on the "see it to believe it" philosophy where everyone will have the opportunity to visit the Gemba where continuous improvement happens every day.

To lean more about the leading consultant take a look his bio summary.



The new website provides an improved user experience and facilitates event registrations


Kaizen Institute just launched a lean related blog to share experiences and help readers achieve continuous improvement

Kaizen Institute new Blog

In order to create and contribute to Lean and Continuous Improvement discussion, Kaizen Institute started a new blog which is open for discussion and used to share interesting articles related to the Kaizen philosophy.

Take look at our blog page and feel free to comment, follow us and contribute to the immense Kaizen world by sharing your experiences.

One of our most popular post is the relation between 5S Thinking and the White Gloves used in Japan

27 May 2014

"If you want real change, your whole team has to see it and they have to see it together." Jeff Kaas President Kaas Tailored

Kaizen Benchmar Lean Tour to Japan French

Kaizen Tours are an integral part of the services offered by the Kaizen Institute worldwide.

Join participants from around the world for an exceptional ride and visit several world-class companies in Japan.

The partners of our Kaizen Tours are organizations which have achieved amazing improvements through the Kaizen philosophy and have been honored with awards of excellence.

Kaizen Institute France is organizing this excelent "see to bealive it" tour in 19-25 October, so make sure to mark it on your calendar and register.


Kaizen Institute Consulting Group CEO explains how to create a kaizen culture

Jon Miller at creating a kaizen culture

In this video Jon Miller shows how to achieve a Kaizen Culture based on his experience and his book “Creating a Kaizen Culture”.

The presentation happened in Denton, Texas to a group of executives.

Watch the full video at Gemba Academy video page.


Kaizen Institute Portugal is organizing an amazing Benchmark Tours

Logo boshsonae benchmark tour kaizenLuis Simoes Kaizen Tourtoyota logo kaizen tourKaizen Tour Portugal Generis logoAmorim Kaizen Lean
Gemba Kaizen Lean Benchmark Tours

Immerse yourself over four days into the original Japanese thinking behind Lean and its successful application across a range of industries.

Kaizen Tour is a unique experience that brings practical results for companies that embrace this initiative. In order to fulfill visitors expectations.

Kaizen Tour is completely tailor made; it is possible to select four companies from a cross sector list.

The benchmark companies have been applying kaizen and welcome visitors to be a part on their continuous improvement efforts. The experienced Kaizen Institute Portugal team will guide participants through this 4 days lean learning journey.

It's also a great oportunitity to get to know Portugal and the Porto city which was considered to be one of the best european destinations.

For more information take a look into the Lean Benchmark Tour brochure or read previous kaizen tour participants testimonials

24 April 2014

A video demonstration on how to achieve a lean office

Kaizen Institute Consulting Group New Zealand has created yet another great lean video demonstrating how Kaizen Office Live helps organization to improve their team and back-office management.


Through visual management and good practices it's possible to achieve a better working place with less MUDA and better performance.

As many before, Kaizen Institute Germany went to the new website

German flag

Probably the country with the highest number of lean events this year has gone to an improved online booking system part of moving to the new website platform. With this improvement we hope to offer our visitors a leaner and easier online experience.


Kaizen Institute Consulting Group in New Zealand shows how to do Kaizen

RDC Aquatic center is one of Kaizen Institute New Zealand's clients and they have opened their doors to show how much they have improved by implementing kaizen at their facilities.

24 February 2014

Indizen 2014 concluded with huge response

IndiZen 2014 Lean Conference India Kaizen institute

IndiZen "gives an opportunity to Learn, Network, Celebrate and Share the work done by organizations in terms of implementation of Kaizen/Lean/Operational Excellence".

This year IndiZen was again another success:

  • 64 Organizations from India & Overseas
  • 188 Participants
  • 32 Case Study participants & 4 Best case studies awards
  • 5 Excellence Inside Tours
  • 2 Masaaki Imai Citations
  • And ONE FOCUS – Operational Excellence

We would like to thank all the participants and congratulate them in the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Canada is the fifth country going to the new website

canada kaizen flag

Kaizen Institute Consulting Group Canada moves to a new and improved website where visitors can register in the Kaizen Lean Events.

To get to know the Canada team take a look into the team page with full Bios including professional experience.

For any questions Kaizen Canada can be reached through their contact page.


Experience Lean Production at our kaizen Tour on March 2-8, 2014 in Japan

kaizen benchmark tour

At this exceptional Tour you will explore the roots and philosophy of kaizen and Lean Production. Toyota Motor Corporation and other successful Japanese companies will give insights into their lean concepts being in place.

You will learn the concepts of lean and kaizen, how to apply them, and what benefits to expect. You will understand how to implement kaizen as both a management system and as a method for continuous improvement of your running business. International Kaizen experts will answer your questions during the tour. You will benefit from discussing your lessons learned and from networking with participants from other companies.

Take this opportunity and participate in our international tour in Japan!
For more information and registration, take a look into the benchmark tour page.



Start a lean 2014 by improving with Kaizen

Kaizen Institute has a full schedule of lean events with workshops on how to achieve continuous improvement throughout 2014. From Lean strategy to daily gemba improvements there is a rich list of kaizen events all over the world.

Starting in January Kaizen Institute will be offering compelling lean trainings:

  • Kaizen Strategy Planning: will cover how to improve the business results through an optimized continuous improvement lean strategy. The workshop will be organized in Portugal by Kaizen Institute Consulting Group Portuguese team.
  • Kaizen Foundations training is a 4 day course to give an understanding of the basic principles of lean manufacturing and kaizen tools.

The benchmark tours are also set for 2014 where participants have the rare opportunity to take an inside look on how top organizations have adopted Kaizen to achieve everyday improvements.

For tailored trainings we allow organizations to make Custom Trainings requests.


Kaizen Insitute Awarded the best Lean Success Stories

Kaizen Institute Consulting Group Spain Lean Awards

Kaizen Institute Spain held, at CEOE Headquarters in Madrid, the presentation of Success Stories at Kaizen Lean Awards where organizations were acknowledged for their Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence efforts.

The Awards were divided in 4 different categories:

  • Excellence in Quality – Rewards projects focused on reducing defects, rework elimination and improving the level of service
  • Excellence in Productivity – This category is about improving Process Time by reducing Lead Time and increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of teams and their equipment.
  • Excellence in Logistics – Focuses in projects about improving service levels, reduce inventory, improved warehouse operations and transport routes.
  • Excellence in Continuous Improvement Systems – Rewards organizations who have implemented systems which allow them to improve everyday by following the Kaizen philosophy.

Click here to see the Kaizen Lean Awards Winners

Managers are impressed by the kaizen way of companies in Romania

Masaaki Imai Kaizen Award Meeting Romania

More than 100 participants witnessed the success of different kinds of companies at this exceptional event in Romania. General Managers presented outstanding business results of their companies that were achieved by implementing the Kaizen Management System.

The speakers shared their experience of how to boost company performance with kaizen in different industries in Romania. The event was mainly attended by CEOs and other representatives from Top Management who were inspired by the kaizen way of Best Practice companies.

Masaaki Imai, as founder of Kaizen Institute, highlighted the underlying principles of the Kaizen Management System, and he also participated in the Q&A session of the Kaizen Manager Club members.

The second kaizen Award conference in Romania will take place in 2015, and will continue to provide an unique platform for kaizen and Lean Management in Romania. For more information, please contact our office in Romania.

After 7 countries and 2 continents Masaaki Imai returns

Masaaki Imai in Italy December 2013

Masaaki Imai and Kaizen Institute Consulting Group closed this year strong after 4 events in Europe and 3 in the Americas.

Masaaki Imai did a big tour this year visiting several Kaizen Institute countries: Finland, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Romania, Mexico and Chile.

Through all these events Masaaki Imai shared decades of knowledge about Kaizen and how to achieve continuous improvement. The lean guru behind Kaizen philosophy keeps pushing forward on new ways to improve organizations and explains that “Kaizen is everywhere improvement, everybody improvement, every day improvement”.

Upcoming events are being planned, meanwhile it is possible to request an appearance from Masaaki Imai.



CEVA in Spain was awarded with the Kaizen Logistics Excellence award

Kaizen Institute Spain Lean Award

CEVA is one of the world's leading supply chain companies and recently won the Kaizen Logistics excellence award due to "the effort and challenges in implementing the program of operational optimization. The program Kaizen workshops and daily meetings to analyze and solve problems" (Borja Iglesias, Senior Operations Manager).

The Kaizen award event in Spain just finished but organizations are welcome to register for next year.

Kaizen Institute Consulting Group hopes to inspire organization to achieve continuous improvement.


The doors are open for welcoming the business community

Take the opportunity to participate in the special event “Kaizen Award in Romania” on 28 November 2013 in Bucharest.

You will learn more from Best Practice companies how they have achieved outstanding results by implementing the Kaizen Management System.

As special guest speaker there will be Masaaki Imai, the kaizen Guru and Founder of Kaizen Institute. The event is designed for decision-makers from multinational companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, and will be held in English, Japanese and Romanian language. Registrations are possible until 25 November 2013!

For more information, please download the program
For registration, please download the registration form

13 November 2013

Total Environmental Management is a new service by Kaizen Institute India

(Total Environmental Management Kaizen Institute India

It is the first such integrated service offered in India. It is an integrated approach to Identifying and Managing the five environmental hazards that your or any other organization has to deal with on a day to day basis. Going Green, being Sustainable etc, are no more mere buzz words! It is a business imperative and makes economic sense.

Learn more about TEM from Kaizen Institute India

8 November 2013

Portugal and Spain just opened the registrations

The Kaizen Lean award aims to distinguish organizations for their lean efforts to achieve Continuous Improvement.

The award event allows experience sharing and keeps organizations motivated on doing their best. The ceremony is followed by the press and gives an opportunity for companies to show their success with Kaizen.

Portugal award
Spain award


4 November 2013

Masaaki Imai will be in Brasil between 3 and 8 November

Masaaki Imai conference Brasil

Don't miss out on the oportunity to join the Kaizen Guru Masaaki Imai and learn from his experience.

From 3 to November 8, Masaaki Imai will be in Brasil for a series of conferences about organization continuous improvement.

For more information visit Kaizen Institute Consulting Group Brasil Website.



The Kaizen Guru is going to Italy to share decades of experience

Masaaki Imai event in Italy December 2nd

We offer the opportunity for managers or entrepreneurs to meet Massaki Imai, the founder and top expert in continuous improvement and innovation.

Particpate in workshops related to Product, Supply Chain and Sales.

Registrations are free.

Come and join us with Masaaki Imai on December 2nd in Italy. to learn more about Kaizen Philosophy.

17 October 2013

One of India’s most important Kaizen and Lean annual gatherings is back

kaizen indizen 2014

IndiZEN has become one of India’s most important annual gatherings of professionals and experts in the Operational Excellence/ Lean/ KAIZEN sector. The objective of this event is to give you an opportunity to Learn, Network, Celebrate & Share the work done by your organization in terms of implementation of Kaizen/ Lean/ Operational Excellence.
Register in the Kaizen Indizen 2014


Masaaki Imai talks about how to reach true long-term improvement

3-minute video of Kaizen Institute founder, author of seminal books Kaizen and Gemba Kaizen, and grandfather of Lean awareness Masaaki Imai speaking in English (with Portuguese subtitles) about how kaizen leads to lean, and lean leads to green.

Masaaki Imai is hard at work on his third book in which he aims to elevate the conversation about kaizen to the level of corporate governance, true long-term value and a re-examination of organizational fitness based on flow, synchronization and leveling. 

12 October 2013

Come and Join us in Germany for a TFM Foundation event where you can learn more about the philosophy and methods of Total Flow Management.

This training will have a wide appeal from the production Manager to the employees looking for a way to achieve continuous improvement. The event is given in English.

Take look and register for the TFM Foundation Kaizen Lean Event.

16 September 2013

Kaizen Institute Consulting Group New Website is online

kaizen institute consulting group logo

In an effort to provide a consistent one approach, one team and global company status, Kaizen Institute Consulting Group has completely redesigned its website with multiple new features:

Take the time to navigate through this new website and enjoy what Kaizen Institute Consulting Group has to offer


A lean course to better understand the fundamental principles and methods of Kaizen

A 4 day course designed to give all participants an understanding of not only the basic principles of lean manufacturing and Kaizen tools and techniques, but also the practical application within the workplace.


21 June 2013

KAIZEN in Logistics and Supply Chains: Learn to create world-class logistics

Kaizen Book

A great book about Kaizen in Logistics and Supply Chains from Euclides Coimbra has been released. Learn to create world-class logistics and supply chains in any industry using kaizen's seven main principles



KAIZEN Institute has relationships with over 150 host companies in Japan, the birthplace of Lean. Join us!

Kaizen Kaikaku Tours are an integral part of the services offered by the KAIZEN Institute worldwide. Join participants from around the world on a remarkable tour and experience several world class local based companies in Japan. Our Kaizen Kaikaku Tour partners are successful companies, often honored with awards in their respective sectors. This tour affords a "behind the scenes" view into the production and service segments of our Tour partner's facilities, providing a look at current Kaizen trends in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
23 April 2013

2nd edition of Gemba Kaizen is available on Amazon

2nd edition of Gemba Kaizen is available on Amazon! Read the book written by Kaizen Institute's founder Masaaki Imai


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